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The British entertainer, creating magical and unforgettable moments to enhance your next event for you and your guests, internationally.

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"Creating connection and unforgettable moments"

Matthew Owen, the British magician born and raised in Hong Kong, a truly unique corporate entertainer in Asia. He has been handpicked to dazzle politicians, dignitaries, and celebrities as the event magician since his return to Hong Kong in 2011.


Matthew is becoming a big name in Asia, most notably in Hong Kong and the Philippines, invited to attend presidential events and grand openings.


With a background and experience in the military, hospitality, customer service, and events, Matthew understands how to best fit into any event. Rest assured, you know you will be making the right decision to have him at your next event, giving you peace of mind for entertainment.


With his natural British charm and humor, your guests will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience. Family friendly, no person is unapproachable unless they prefer not to be engaged, respect is of the highest order when approaching any guest.


Despite the typical magicians portrayed in today’s view, Matthew strives to be different. He is funny, sharp, approachable and relies on his intuition from a lifetime of practice and performing experience. Always presentable and suited best to mix and mingle environments for walk around and table hopping.


5 Reasons to book Matthew:



1000+ performances

15+ years experience

Highly skilled close-up magician

Creative solutions, customization & branding

Corporate Magic:


Focused attention on your products in a memorable way

Highlight elements of your service

Create excitement at your event

Icebreaking and making new connections


For large events, more entertainers are always recommended.

To ensure all your guests are seen to, Matthew can help arrange

more top class magicians and other forms of entertainment.

Contact him now to find out more!

Nespresso Product Placement
Matthew Owen Hong Kong Magician
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen Hong Kong Magician
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen Hong Kong Magician
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Hong Kong Magician Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen Hong Kong Magician
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“I love your magic… What’s your latest trick, Matt?”

- Mike Cooper, Cooper Bikes/MINI Cooper Cars


“Oh my god! Shut up! That’s impossible”

- Joyce Cheng 鄭欣宜, HK Singer/Actress


“Nice meeting you Matthew, great tricks”

- Andrew Tan, Alliance Global Group Inc.


“Do you have more? Show me another one!”

- Jorge Araneta, Araneta Group


“Magicians as entertainers are perfect for this event. Thank you for proving I hired the right people”

- Peggy Choy, Blu Inc Media (Asia Boating Awards 2015)


“Thank you for performing a wonderful close-up magic on 25 December 2014, which was thoroughly enjoyed by both members and their guests”

- Judy Chan, Catering Manager Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse


“You’re better than anything else I've seen on TV”

- Johnny Yim 嚴勵行, HK Music Producer


"Woah! What the hell just happened.... You're good!"

- Ron Harper, NBA Legend


"Thank you once again for all your help last night. All my friends cannot stop talking about the amazing performances!" 

- Helen Kwan, Bride (Wedding Client 2017) 

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Get in touch with Matthew now for a free and friendly chat. Let's work together to see how best we can make your next event unforgettable.


Please make sure to include the following details to help give a better idea of your event:


  • Time and date of the intended interaction

  • Expected number of guests

  • Venue, location, and country

  • Theme of event

  • Performance style - table magic/walk-around magic

  • Contact details


Matthew is also available for other types of events, e.g. weddings and private functions, just ask!


Thank you for your enquiry! I look forward to working with you on your next event

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