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Magic Lessons

Always wondered “How did they do that?” and really wanted to learn how?


Why not finally learn? You’re never too old and there is no excuse not to!

Magic is for everyone and can be learned by anyone, all it takes is interest, time and persistence. Of course, all this helps if you have the correct medium to learn from.


Reasons to start learning:

  • A fantastic way to break the ice

  • Introduce your business card in an unforgettable way

  • Interest the opposite sex

  • Love magic and always wanted to learn

  • Started learning magic and want to take it to the next level

  • Trying to learn but can’t understand the books

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • New interest


Matthew will teach you the basics and fundamentals, give you access to a list of further reading and advice taken from years of practice and performing. Having a magic mentor can save you a lot of money in the long run and develop your skills quicker than any other method.


In all honesty, magic is not the easiest of skills to learn and can seem impossible to learn the difficult sleights. Having guidance from a mentor can be a huge difference as to how you progress into the world of magic.


What to expect:

  • Easy “self-working” tricks that can be learned within minutes to help start you off 

  • A few sleights and tricks to work on that will take time to master

  • How to practice correctly and efficiently 

  • Books and video suggestions for you to consider

  • Advice on further reading, props, and tricks on the market

  • Theory on psychology, practice, performing, audience management, etc…


Not sure but want to find out more? 


Contact Matthew today for a friendly chat or meeting to see what you can gain from tuition.


Depending on your location, prices start at $650 for the first hour.

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